Saint Patrick Catholic School January Blog

Dr. Sally Nicholson, Principal

Celebrating Vocations

During Catholic Schools Week, we are reminded of the importance of focusing on faith, knowledge and service. Different from our neighboring public schools, Catholic schools prepare children to use their God-given talents to the fullest later in life. What a beautiful gift we have at Saint Patrick Catholic School.

The theme for Thursday of Catholic Schools Week is Celebrating Vocations. During the day, students at Saint Patrick Catholic School will pray for religious vocations in our families, parish, and Diocese, and will pay special recognition to our faculty and staff who support our spiritual program. Our Career Day in the afternoon will give our students the opportunity to explore the many life paths that may enable them to use their talents in the service of God and others. Finally, we remind our students especially during Catholic Schools Week that God calls everyone to a specific vocation – single life, diaconate life, holy matrimony, or priesthood / religious life.

Perhaps the most important message we can give our students on Thursday of Catholic Schools Week is to listen to God. In listening to God, we hear where He is calling each of us. We listen to God the way we listen to each other. The first step is to stop talking. Like conversations with friends and family, if we stop, take a moment to focus and be aware of the other person, and really be present, we are able to focus on what the person has to say. God talks to each of us, but we must take the time to be quiet and hear His voice. Taking time to listen to God can come in many different forms including prayer, reading of scripture, and spending time in Adoration.

The Catholic Diocese of Arlington articulates that everyone has a vocation, a vocation to holiness. The diocesan website provides great information and resources regarding the importance of vocations. I invite you to explore and learn more.

I ask you to pray for our students as they learn to discern God’s call. And I thank our families and the entire school community for your support of Saint Patrick Catholic School.

Dr. Sally A. Nicholson, Saint Patrick Catholic School Principal