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Admission to Saint Patrick School is unique, with consideration given to the applicant's academic performance, teacher recommendations, test scores and personal interview. Although metrics are an important part of the process, we want to get to know our applicants as individuals with unique characteristics, strengths, interests and contributions to the community. During this process, we work to provide an individualized experience for our applicants and connect them with both academics and activities throughout the school.


While our website is an excellent source for information, we invite you to visit our school, meet our faculty and witness first hand, the difference we offer.  Our learners start out their day with enthusiasm, and finish with a positive attitude and eagerness to continue learning.

At any time in the process, please feel free to contact us about any questions or concerns you may have.  We are here to help you and to help you make the best decision for your family.  And if you haven’t already done so, please contact the school to set up a Shadow Visit so that your children can experience a day in the life of a Saint Patrick student!

We look forward to meeting you and your family.


The Admission process begins by sending in the completed diocesan application with the $50 application fee, and the other forms and documents listed below.  We process applications and register students in the order in which they are received*, so taking care of this step will ensure you the best chance at securing a spot in our school.  After that process is begun we will contact you about acceptance and any other necessary forms or fees that are required.  For a complete breakdown of the expenses associated with enrolling in our school, please visit the tuition page.


  • Admission Application Checklist & Form


    1. A non-refundable $50.00 registration fee per student with check payable to “Saint Patrick School”. This fee is non-refundable and due at the time of registration.
    2. A copy of your child’s birth certificate.
    3. A copy of your child’s Baptismal (Catholics only), Reconciliation and Eucharist Certificates (if applicable).
    4. All preschool, kindergarten and new students must have a Commonwealth of Virginia School Entrance Health Form. (Completed and submitted prior to the beginning of the school year.)
    5. An up-to-date immunization record.
    6. A copy of your child’s most recent report card including comments and the two previous academic years’ report cards.
    7. A copy of your child’s current standardized test scores plus two previous years, if applicable.
    8. Copy of Custody decree (if applicable).

    *PLEASE NOTE - Registration is not a guarantee of acceptance into Saint Patrick School.  Each students’ records are considered on an individual basis. Space available is another determining factor as follows:

    1. Children presently attending our school and their siblings.
    2. Registered members of the parish
    3. Catholics from other parishes
    4. Other faiths

    **Saint Patrick School families will be given first priority in the registration process.

    You will be notified as soon as possible as to your child’s acceptance or placement on a waiting list.  Remember:  This is a highly transient area, and it is quite possible that class space can become available at any time.  Saint Patrick Catholic School welcomes students of all ethnicities, race and national origin. Saint Patrick Catholic School also welcomes learners of other faiths. Being a devout Catholic is not a prerequisite for attendance to our school.




Part of our mission is to make Catholic education affordable by keeping tuition as low as possible, and offering various payment options and other forms of tuition assistance. 
The investment in your child’s education will pay dividends later.

Tuition rates for Saint Patrick School depend on the program in which you are enrolling, the number of students being enrolled, and your status as a parishioner in the parish.  Below are the various rates as well as the payment options to accommodate your budget planning.

Elementary & middle school


$5,950 In-Parish Fee
  • $7,950 Out of Parish
  • $8,560 Other Faiths

2 Children Tuition Fee

$9,800 In-Parish Fee
  • $11,790 Out of Parish
  • $13,790 Other Faiths

3 Children Tuition Fee

$13,140 In-Parish Fee
  • $15,230 Out of Parish
  • $17,230 Other Faiths


3 Year Olds

$1,480 Per Child
  • Tuesday & Thursday
  • Half Days

4 Year Olds

$2,050 Per Child
  • Monday, Wednesday & Friday
  • Half Days

4 Year Olds

$2,900 Per Child
  • Monday, Wednesday & Friday
  • Full Day



**Book & Technology Fees – $200.00 will be added for the fourth child or more in grades K-8.
Full tuition is due by August 1st unless your family is enrolled in one of the FACTS Payment options which will allow you to take advantage of the monthly installment payments.  

There are two payment plan options to choose from:

  1. Full payment of tuition by August 1, 2019.  This payment will be made directly
    to the school.
  2. Automatic monthly payments through the FACTS Tuition Payment Plan.  Payments can be made on the 5th or 20th of the month through your checking, savings or from
    a variety of credit cards.  Please set up an account with FACTS using the icon on
    our school website within two weeks after your child is accepted.


Application/Registration Fee for New Students
We process applications for registration in the order they are submitted, so a $50 application fee is required with the application.  If space is available in the class, this fee becomes a $50 non-refundable registration fee and holds your space in that class.  If space is not available then your application fee can be refunded or used to hold your space on a waiting list.  Remember, this area is very transient, due to government and military employment, so it is not uncommon for space in a class to become available due to families that a transferred away from this area.  Applications for enrollment may be submitted at any time.  Registration for new students will begin late winter.  Specific dates will be posted soon.

Registration Fee for Returning Students
A $50 Non-Refundable Registration Fee is also collected for all returning students to hold your space in the class.  Registration for returning students is held each winter.  Specific dates will be posted soon.

NOTE:  The total cost to educate a student in Virginia: Total per pupil spending-$11,432 (2016)
Source: 2016 Annual Survey of School System Finances, U.S. Census Bureau