“Creativity is Intelligence Having Fun”
– Albert Einstein


We integrate dramatic arts into our curriculum at every level beginning in Preschool.
Students are encouraged to use their imaginations, perform with self-confidence and participate collaboratively.
Students learn the art of presenting to an audience using fun impromptu games, practice, humor, storytelling and more. The year-end preschool Nativity Play, lower school Wax Museum’s Famous People, Saints Play and Middle School’s Musical all encourage the dramatic arts.  Our school wide Talent Show is always entertaining and well represented by every age and grade.


Music is a big part of our schools and church and integrated into the standard school curriculum.  Our gifted music faculty encourage participation in the choir, band and a number of events, including the School Talent Show, Middle School’s Musical and Christmas Program. Percussion instruments are used throughout the earlier years, keeping kids engaged and enthusiastic about the art of music.

Visual Arts

A favorite amongst our kids!  This hands-on experience combines a variety of mediums with the individual’s talents and creativity.  A form of creative expression that emphasizes each personality. 

Art instruction is broad and encourages experimentation in all forms developing skills and imaginations.  2019 Will see the introduction of ‘A Night at the Museum’ - showcasing each students work of art and craft