“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.”

– Helen Keller

Welcome to the Saint Patrick School Parent Teacher Organization.
Here we aim to be active, available & approachable whilst inspiring & enhancing the overall experience for our kids and their parents. 

The PTO is a volunteer organization dedicated to the successful education Saint Patrick School children. We work hard to create a warm, welcoming, and inclusive community environment.  Each event planned keeps the school year enjoyable and exciting for students, teachers, and parents.

The purpose of our organization is to support the school through curricular and extracurricular activities, to communicate with parents, encourage school spirit and of course, raise additional funds to improve the student experience.

The Executive Board for the 2020-21 school year is:

  • President: Michael Santay
  • 1st VP of Volunteers: Allison Seabolt
  • 2nd VP of Fundraising: Katrina Dougherty
  • Treasurer: Wes Warnick
  • Secretary: Kristin Kudarauskas
  • Teacher Liaison: Lilly Cleary
  • Dr. Sally Nicholson, Principal
  • Ziegler, Pastor

Family Service Hours Policy:

Our school depends on the time provided by our volunteers. The participation of each family is critical to the success and continued growth of our school community. Service hours are required of each family with children in grades K -8 at the school. Each family must contribute a minimum of 15 hours per school year. Parents, guardians or adult family members may contribute service hours.

A list of service opportunities will be available at the end of August for the school year. Service hours for a school year are completed between July 1 and June 30 of the following calendar year. It will be the responsibility of each family to record their service hours on the Family Service Hours form (digital form submitted online) or Paper Family Service Hours form (PDF to download and print) and turn it into the Service Hours Coordinator by the last school day of each month. If a family is unable to complete the total number of service hours by June 30, they are required to pay $25 to the school for each hour not served. Our preference, however, is for each family to contribute in service to the school. Your child/children will be placed on a waiting list if service hours are not completed by June 30, or if outstanding fees have not been paid by July 1. The principal may use his discretion to excuse a family from service hours. This policy will be reviewed annually.

This link provides all parents and volunteers with the school PTO constitution by-laws 

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