Saint Patrick Catholic School extends its STEM Program through extracurricular activities including the Destination Imagination Program. Teams are formed at the Elementary and Middle School levels where students solve a long term challenge as well as in Instant Challenge that they have practiced for but never seen before. Teams must solve the challenges on their own without interference from adults providing solutions. Team Managers assist the teams but leave the solving and creativity to the team. Teams may pick from one of 5 categories of challenges including Engineering, Technical, Fine Arts, Improv, service Learning and Scientific. Each long term solution involves a problem that the team must solve using a combination of technical/STEM skills as well as a skit or presentation! Creativity is key and with Destination Imagination if it doesn’t say you can’t, you usually can!

Saint Patrick Teams have been highly successful in this terrific program designed to help students with teamwork, project management, STEM skills, the creative process and problem solving among others. The Destination Imagination core principles are fun Learning, creative problem solving, kid powered – team driven; friendly competition and global diversity. Saint Patrick Catholic school often advances teams from the Regional to the State Tournament level and has sent a number of teams to the Global Final challenges where they compete on the world stage. The Global Finals tournament was previously held in Knoxville, Tennessee but is now held in Kansas City Missouri in late May. To learn more about Destination Imagination, click here .