If your child is nearly ready to start preschool or kindergarten, then you are fully aware of the overwhelming sense of responsibility that comes with making educational decisions.

Emotions can run high as we all want to give our children that quality foundation that will set them up for future successes.  For most of us, a public education was adequate, but in this competitive era,
is adequate good enough for your child?

It goes without saying, there are wonderful public schools and equally good private schools.  Every teacher and administrator does their best to create an environment that will help children thrive.  However, here we would like to point out some key distinguishing factors that should be considered before assuming the zoned public school is your only option.

Private School Tuition vs. Public School Taxes

Most families cringe at the thought of forking out for expensive private educations.  Since we all pay taxes, why would you want to pay both? Getting what you pay for should be the same across the board – incorrect!  Those choosing a private school find faith based education invaluable. Taxes for education are often diluted and distributed to areas that may not hold the same value for those seeking a private education. Saint Patrick School offers the most competitive tuition rates in Fredericksburg.  

Tuition Assistance programs are available for those in need from the Catholic Diocese of Arlington or alternatively, a financial tuition management system  FACTS is available to make private schooling more affordable.


Student Population at a Private School vs. a Public School 

If you are zoned for a local public school, students will likely be from the same geographical area with a mix of ethnicity, diversity, and abilities.  If you choose a private school for your child, the chances are that decision is based on a cultural, religious, or philosophical belief.  Finding the right peer group for your child is beneficial in so many ways, including establishing self-confidence and a sense of belonging. In most private schools, admission standards are high and policies enforced.

Class size in public vs. private SCHOOL

A sensitive subject for many parents.  Teacher TO student ratio is crucial.  When learning abilities vary more widely in public schools, the size of the class and number of teachers in each can impact the amount of individualized attention your child receives.  Will your child get lost between gifted and special needs programs?



Private schools use private funds and therefore are not restricted by government programs or curricula. Independence from government educational standards and the ability to include philosophical and religious programs is seen as an advantage to private schools.


In Fredericksburg, we are blessed to have some great options available.  Saint Patrick Catholic School offers the best Catholic based education with the most competitive tuition rates.  We invite you to schedule a tour.  Click Here

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